One Week Of Days. Since . Based in Kilkenny Alternative Rock | Indie | Folk
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El Shaddai
Holy Love
Morning Star

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contact name:bob murphy
phone: 086 6035896
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Bob and Jan Murphy have had a long history of playing in various groups
together, including 'Kaydee' ( '94 - '97 ) . During 2000 they began playing
together again and late that year they embarked on recording an album in
their home studio.

They both write and sing - and they produced and recorded the project themselves; with bob handling the guitar, and most of the other instruments ...

Their debut album "who you really are" was released on their own Zoe Life
label in march 2002 to critical acclaim. Checkout the review on .

One week of days' influences are drawn from diverse sources including folk,
rock, jazz, soul, r&b and gospel - even modern day pop and dance: John
Martyn, Joni Mitchel, U2, Bob Marley, Bruce springstein, Prince, Fleetwood
mac, Counting crows, The frames, Gemma Hayes, The beatles, Foo fighters and Crowded house are some of the biggest. Good songwriters and guitar based music are normally favoured.
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