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Sue Walsh-vocals and bodhran, Paddy Mulcahy - vocals and guitar, Aland Assiri - violin, Billy Hamilton-cello, Erin McNeill-viola.
Opera in a Hotpress, too much green tea, a dog's snoring, someone on yonder hill...

contact name:Suzanne Walsh
phone: 087 4182643
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We are all adrift in the Wild West of Ireland. Sue has given up her very important position of 'Master of Tea Ceremonies' with the 'Tea and cake Appreciation Society' to channel lost spirits through her singing... Paddy writes masterpiece songs and sings when not being chased by tribes on 'yet to be discovered' islands and affecting a limp.... Billy the mad scientist may have found a cure, but he doesn't want to share. For now the soothing sounds of his cello playing will have to do folks... The Amazing Aland Assiri we found wandering dazed on Lahinch beach one afternoon, and after some fortifying hot ports realized his violin playing was actually rather quite good and now he has become one of us too.... Until recently Erin was haunting the Cliffs of Moher with a large stick and a ram. Unfortunately progress halted her career with the opening of the interpretaive centre. Happily we re-habilitated her and with the aid of her wonderful viola playing, she is learning to re-adjust..

From this most amazing beginning, we have devised a devilish combination of strings and vocals to create haunting sweeping music.

We've played in Lahinch in Clare, White House in Limerick, and the Tiki Sunday Social in Cork...

Recently we were enticed to play in Oslo, and went pillaging their venues because of Su's latent Wexford Viking blood. We played Mir and the Sound of Mu.

On 2nd and 3rd February 2007 we are going to play in London, with a band called Morning Bride, and they will be returning to play with us on the 9th,10th and 11th of Feb. We will be confirming venues soon.

We are currently also organising dates in Galway, Dublin and Wexford.

We are unsigned, and currently about to start recording in January. We have one track up on myspace right now, with more soon to follow.

You can read about us in Oslo...

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