Niav. Since 2005. Based in Outside Ireland Singer/Songwriter | Indie | Alternative Rock
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The Devil

Who Put America In Charge?

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Niav ,occasionally with various artists
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Niav is an eclectic,emotive and evocative artist plucking the strings of global Consciousness with her unique voice, penetrating lyrics ,out of the box arrangements and productions. New Music for a New Age.

An irish singer/songwriter,musician and producer,she is currently living in new south wales, Australia. Known for her unique vocal style and voice, Niav's songwriting skills along with her musical talents and popular creative production techniques combine to offer a genre defeating smorgasbord of social commentary and passion in the true bardic style of her ancestry. Her coming debut album due for release december 2007 Woman In A World Gone Mad is an eclectic mix in both genre and subject. In March of this year Niav released her debut music video "Who Put America In Charge? "

Niav says; " I started out three years ago to aurally paint every human emotion . Somewhere along the line that mission developed into one of a socio-political call to conscience and this is what my coming debut album Woman In A World Gone Mad is comprised of. This wasn't an intentional move but sprang from the frustration of watching so much WRONG at loose in the world and everyone seemingly so conditioned to it and so emotionally removed from it . Basically I try to reach past conditioning lyrically, emphasise the point vocally, and put the listener into the scene via the production. The results can often be a shock to the system, in some instances one needs to shock to capture full attention. I liken much of my music to the "reality" car crash advertisements you sometimes see on tv for drink driving.....I try to do the same thing but in a soundscape when I produce."

I sing like a woman who refuses to be victimized
I sing like a woman who's tired of hypocrisy,lies and double meanings
I sing like a woman who's sick of watching a beautiful world turn ugly
I sing like a woman who gives and expects respect
I sing like a woman who has been pushed too far
I sing like a woman who has been forged to steel thru the weaknesses of others
I sing like a woman who does not respond to intimidation or manipulation
I sing like a woman who knows her own mind
I sing like a woman who has a voice for the voiceless
I sing like a woman who believes in the power of light,love and laughter
I sing like a woman who believes in freedom and a better world
I sing like a woman who is aware of a higher truth
I sing
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