Myth (Mythicór). Since 2006. Based in Dublin Heavy Metal | Heavy Rock | genre
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Shane Ryan (Myth solo)

Members: 4
Members Names:
Jay Weldon - Vocals, Shane Ryan - Guitars, Alan "Batman" Hanlon - Bass, Johnny Clarke - Drums
Down, Corrosion of Conformity

contact name:Shane Ryan
phone: 0879210500
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Band was formed in 2006, with a slightly different line up, consisting David Cloak on Vocals! But the band and David split ways because off musical differnces and Jay Weldon soon replaced him on the vocals! Myth have recently been writing and recording, and are presently recording the "Shadows EP" that is due to be released in January '08, rough demo's from the EP can be heard on their MySpace ( or Bebo ('s influences include Pantera, Down, Corrosion of Conformity, Alice in Chains, Megadeth etc. The band play various venues in Dublin, make sure to check them out!

"Myth sound like Fuck off heavy rock, sorta like Down" - Johnny King (Abaddon Incarnate)
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