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We Create Monsters (broadband)
We Create Monsters (Dial up)
Smoke Emission (Broadband)
Smoke Emission (Dial up)

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contact name:Shane Scully
phone: 0872605743
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My Corduroy are the new stars on the horizon. To be more specific My Corduroy are a five piece rock band from the midlands. They blend new wave and alternative influences into a roaring cacophony of menace and beauty. From the beginning My Corduroy have caused a stir and their progress shows no sign of slowing down.

The band came together in 2004 when a group of friends with a shared passion for music decided they wanted something more from life. The band has made great strides forward on the Irish music scene. A fanciful, early description of the band consisted of

" Into the darkness creeps the light. Blasts of sonic brilliance pour through the cracks. At first blindingly beautiful, but the roaring cacophony of menace which follows shatters all illusions. They are monsters. They are My Corduroy "

Another description was soon put forward by Hotpress magazine.

"My Corduroy are purveyors of intense, electronic tinged rock, one of the brightest new outfits to have graced the capital's stage "

My Corduroy songs have been meeting with great praise in their short life. Indeed their songs have been seen in pole position on Irelands online MP3 chart CPU on many occasions. With the upcoming release of My Corduroy's first single "We Create Monsters" the band have their fingers crossed that this will be the start of great things. Hopefully it will be a short and straight road to success

To answer that question everyone wants answered,? where did ye get the name ? ? the band has prepared the following statement ……………………………………Fuck Off!!
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