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Born Again

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Liam 'O Brien - Lead Guitar, Timothy Healy - Vox and Rhythm Guitar, Eamonn Mulholland - Drums, Paul O' Reilly - Bass Guitar and Keyboard
The Who, Guns N' Roses, Led Zeppelin

contact name:Eamonn Mulholland
phone: 0872702158
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We're Mr. Explorer (Named after the guitar) and we started off in 2007 when we were offered to play at a book release in Lismore hotel. After that, began to get ourselfs gigs all over Cork. We've been writing songs for a while now and have just finished recording a 3-track demo. We recorded it in Clonakilty by Marcus McCarthy in May. It's being mastered at the moment by Richard Dowling and should be finished by the end of Summer. We've being out of action for the Summer since our lead singer has left us to go to Canada but he'll be back by September. The rest of us are writing more songs at the moment, and we've come up with some great stuff - i'm not trying to sound cocky here. Our influences draw heavily from Classic rock bands like AC/DC,Deep Purple,Led Zeppelin and The Who but with a modern edge a bit like Kings Of Leon. A professional website for ourselves is underway at the moment and will be out by September. We really have high hopes for a succesful music career and would be willing to do whatever it take to become big!
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