More Tiny Giants. Since dec 2006. Based in Dublin Alternative Rock | Blues/Rock | Traditional
'More Tiny Giants' on IrishUnsigned music:
Wolves At The Door
You Wanna Sell
Tony Barry and Mary

Pirate Circus

Members: 4
Members Names:
Paul Finan - guitar,vox Stephen Byrne - guitar Rian Trench - Bass Jef Owens - Drums
Mark Lanegan, fugazi, Tom Waits, Radiohead

contact name:Paul Finan
phone: 0862407904
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More Tiny Giants began in 2006 when Paul returned home from 4 years abroad. After travelling with a guitar and laptop Paul retuned home to form a band with his life long mates. Already having a gathered enough material and ideas to form a direction for a distinct sound, more tiny giants knuckled down

We have just complete the " Wolves At The Door E.P " with engineer Alvin Sweeney ( and shall be launching it in early december ( dates yet to be confirmed )

Upon listening to More Tiny Giants artists such as Tom Waits, Frank Black, Johnny Cash and Kurt Cobain may spring to mind. Our songs genuinley vary almost completley in dynamic and style to the previous but still retain a consistent undertone of franticl and twisted country blues rock :)

Our shows are relentlessly energetic and you will find yourself wanting to yee hah and dance in squiggles untill you fall over and scream.
Too add to that we are all modestly lovely people without an ego in sight and if you asked any of us to hold your hand on the way to the shops, the answer would definatley be, " Id actually love too "

In a wee nutshell More Tiny Giants are gorgeous bunch of lovlies playing music that sounds like scrap metal been dragged through the desert by musical horses.

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