Michael Mc Girr. Since 2005. Based in Meath Singer/Songwriter | Rock | genre
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Who's Right
Break me in 2
Need your Love

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Michael Mc Girr
Springsteen, The Stones

contact name:Michael Mc Girr
phone: 087-6827592
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I was born in Donegal and have lived in the North and South.
I have now settled in Bettystown Co Meath. I have been playing Guitar
and Piano in bands for years but have been concentrating on my writing
for the last 2 years.I hope you enjoy my music. I do a lot of recording
at home on my 16 track studio and as you can guess this takes along
time as I write, produce and play everything on the songs. I will be
recording a new EP early 2007 in Fatdog Studio in Duleek with Boris
O'Shea at the helm once again with a LIVE Launch in CD World in Drogheda
again, and hopefully releasing my first full album in 2007 as well.I
would like to thank my family and friends for all their support and
my son Ben, my heart and soul.

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