Mellow Drops. Since 1989. Based in Meath Alternative Rock | Melodic Pop/Rock | Atmospherics
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Gan Na Gaoithe

Members: 6
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Cian O Cinnseala, Brendan Tuite, Derek Toner, James Jones, Anthony Darby, Mark Neary
Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Jeff Buckley, Ween,Spiritualised

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Formed in Ireland in 1989 as a 5 piece rock band, Mellow Drops have been doing their best to enjoy themselves ever since.

In the mid-90s Mellow Drops gradually switched to a more melodic and harmonic style with Bodhrán and percussion replacing the drums, and the addition of classical violin. The knowledge gained in this phase was re-applied to a rock outfit when the drum kit returned some years later. After recording an EP in late 1998, life events forced a lull in activity. The unmixed recording stirred the band into action again in 2003, and some very enjoyable sessions produced new material.

In 2007 the band released their first album - "where do we go from here?" (you can buy the album here).
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