Maeve Kelly. Since 2000. Based in Outside Ireland Singer/Songwriter | Folk | Alternative Rock
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Maeve Kelly / songwriting, vocals, acoustic guitar; Jens Lucht / guitars and sounds; TL Mazumdar / piano, backing vocals
Carol King, Suzanne Vega, Kate Bush

contact name:Jens Lucht
phone: 00 49 761 8976234
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“Think Tori Amos with more soul and you’re probably getting the picture. It’s haunting, deep and very passionate – and that’s not a word that I’ve used very often.?
Eric Campbell, NewMusicIreland

Maeve Kelly may have grown up in Dublin, but included in her list of key influences are artists like Carol King, Ella Fiztgerald, Heart, Radiohead (“before they abandoned guitars and got weird?) and Coldplay.

Maeve left Ireland in 1987 to pursue a music career in London. After rejecting a couple of offers from record companies who wanted to turn her into the next Beverly Craven (ugh), she abandonned the UK for Germany and didn't pick up a guitar for five years.

In 1999, after losing a close friend in a traffic accident, she began writing and performing again. She toured the live rock scene in Germany quite successfuly for a few years, and recorded two albums - one featuring Sebi Padotzke, keyboarder from chart-topping German band “Reamonn?.

Maeve's current album, "Relative Calm", represents a conscious change in direction: stripped down, intimate, and unashamedly melancholy.

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