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Before the turn of the millennium, Chris McEvoy decided that he had the potential to produce music of at least the same quality as that of local acts at that time. The only problem was that he couldn't do this alone; he needed a band. After various attempts with rag-tag bunches of friends picking up instruments, the horde was whittled down to the would-be instrumentalists with the necessary skills to create musical rock. One was Stephen Irvine, a long-time friend of 'Mac' who had devoted himself to persue his love of the guitar, and Barry McKee, who sang with growing confidence as time rolled on.

The three realised they had outlived the other would-be members and started developing more intricate songs together. This would form the base for the present Made In Korea sound. While this happened most evenings, Mac was being sought after by more than one drummer-less group seeking a complete rhythm section. One was a metal cover band, and it was through mutual friend Chris Allen that the band's Richard Graham met Chris McEvoy. Although Mac knew little of such bands as Iron Maiden, Metallica and Thin Lizzy at that time, he agreed to help the band out once a week. Impressed despite his lack of interest in metal, Mac began talking to Steve and Barry about inviting a fourth member into the band. Ricky, disillusioned and frustrated during his period with the ailing metal band, decided the grass was greener with "Mac's band" and was initiated after his first practise with the group. Mac's plan was to add a 'heavier' edge to the REM-influenced sound, and it worked. Besides, now that Ricky was here, Mac need not worry about bass duties.

Some bands, upon starting out, think the optimum method of tuning into the local music scene is to get 'gigs'. Made In Korea weren't of this ilk. Instead, they took three years to become a single sound, and to fine tune their writing process and songs, instead of cheating people out of their money by giving half-assed performances. During those three years, the name 'Made In Korea' was taken off a telecaster as the band's working title…..and its still working to this day, at least until they can create a better one.

The band had their first gig in February of 2001, and the practise must have paid off, judging by the crowd's perception and reaction to them. From there, the band has gone from strength to strength, recording their own EP, acquiring a manager, and expanding their repertoire as well as emigrating their sound, winning over crowds further from home with each gig.

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