MY INVENTION. Since 2003. Based in Kilkenny Alternative Rock | Pop | Atmospherics
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Members: 4
Members Names:
justin cullen guitar+vox, paul daly drums, dave sheehan guitars + vox, derek rossiter bass
fiver, pavement, deus, grandaddy, sparklehorse, cracker, sonic youth, broken social scene

contact name:justin cullen/dave sheehan
phone: 0879578749
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An amalgamation of Imodium, A Bluer Moon and Chivago, My Invention are an alternative Rock band with a twist of Profundity. The line up consists of Justin Cullen on rhythm guitar and vocals, Dave Sheehan on lead guitar and vocals, Derek Rossiter on bass and Paul Daly on drums. Diverse musical influences have fused to create the melting pot that is this band. Time has refined this blending process to provide us with a group that congeals in their musical individuality.

The product of this musical union is ‘Falling Objects from the Great Bear’ an album recorded in Apt Studios in association with Big Fish music during the summer 2004. Not content with the struggle for creative space within city boundaries My Invention relocated to Kilkenny where with the same musically driven hands they built their own rehearsal studio. They did not consider rest as an option as they strived to get this space built due to the upcoming album launches planned for various locations throughout the country.

Nothing less than energetic perfection from those motley musicians is acceptable from their ever-growing audience. Illustrated at sell out gigs in Whelan’s, The Isaac Butt and The Village. The last venue was the scene for the launch of their first single ‘Pretend’ the video for which was aired on MTV2 and VH1. This triggered off a journey for My Invention into the audio-visual medium inspiring them to create graphic images and short films thematically inspired by their album ‘Falling Objects from the Great Bear’.
David Mead Producer/Director of the film ‘Getting Away from it All’ approached the band to provide some background music for this film, on foot of this he requested a full soundtrack which My Invention provided amply.

With a line up consisting of The Hook, The Look, The Crook and The Book who could resist My Inventions quirky individualism and intellectual sense of musical direction?

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