Longtails. Since June 2007. Based in Dublin Folk | Traditional | Ballad
'Longtails' on IrishUnsigned music:
All J Need
Pawtucket Blues
Mathematic Formula
Starry Dublin Night

Members: 2-6
Members Names:
Paul Loughran - Vox and guitar, Garett Concannon - Bass/vox, James Haughey - Percussion/Drums/vox, James Savage - Mandola/vox, Mareid McMahon - Flute/Harp/vox, Grainne Savage - Violin/vox
Damien Dempsey, Kila, Planxty, Stone Roses, Oasis, Smiths, Cure, Bob Marley and the Wailers, Billy Bragg

contact name:Paul Loughran
phone: 087 762 8648
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Its November ’07 and we finally receive the long-awaited release from Dublin outfit Longtails, in the form of the ‘Pawtucket Blues’ EP. Longtails are founder member and singer songwriter Paul Loughran, bassist Garrett Concannon along with a collection of traditional musicians coming from all parts of the Leinster province. Lead vocalist and guitarist Paul Loughran has been producing his original, lyrically-gifted sounds, which breed honesty and soul, for the last ten years, and has finally found his place in music amongst a group of talented musicians. You just have to listen to this fresh mix of contemporary folk, traditional and percussive acoustica to know that these are not sounds to be categorised. It stands alone in its candidness and confidence, and whilst drawing from a wide range of influences, from Bob Dylan to Damien Dempsey, The Stone Roses to Kila, Longtails’ definitive sound remains their own. If you have had the pleasure of witnessing a ‘Longtails’ live performance, whether it be an intimate solo acoustic performance or one with several session musicians - djemba, fiddle, mandola and bass players among others, you witness a ballsy event, and there is certainly no room for quiet reflection here. Appreciated is more of the ‘Trad Session’ atmosphere which the performers inject. Indymedia recently praised their performance at a Hill of Tara fundraising event, ‘Longtails injected energy into the proceedings and kicked the event off with an upbeat set, boasting a strong percussion hook’. The Pawtucket Blues EP consists of an eclectic selection of four original tracks, offering sounds possessing catchy melodies of gentle twangy guitars and seductive tunefulness. A live favourite, ‘Starry Dublin Nite’ boasts excellent vocal production and some quirky lyrical content, while the title track is a rip-roaring, almost rap-like stomper, which is a great sing-along tune if you manage to get through the verses without coming up for air. The other tracks include a strong opener of ‘All I need’ and the alluring- titled ‘Mathematic Formula’. With a polished feel that maintains its raw aesthetics, the four tracks were produced by former Ouija Pig guitarist and New York native Bill Snodgrass. The EP was mastered by Emily Lazar who has previously worked with high-brow artists such as Lou Reid, David Bowie and Sinead O’ Connor. ‘Pawtucket Blues’ is the perfect introduction to a promising artist who I’m sure we will hear a lot more of in the future. So go on and immerse yourself in this passionate Irish balladry. For further details on the release, bookings and information on upcoming live dates log onto www.myspace.com/longtails where you can sample some of the aforementioned songs and get in contact with the band.
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