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The fellowship:

Vocals, guitar ? Ciaran Gribbin
Keyboards ? Michael Keeney
Bass ? Gareth Hughes
Drums ? Paul Hamilton

The uprising:

Leya burst onto the Northern Ireland music scene three years ago when these four talented musicians came together to create music that would one day be played and sung by people across the world. With each member bringing an unparalleled passion for powerful, emotional music, Leya has combined everyone?s vast live and creative experiences to forge a sound that is both inviting and relentless in all it has to offer.

The following:

Leya rapidly became established as an exhilarating, and refreshing, live act. In an age where most bands are content to stare at their shoes onstage, Leya bring a power and a glory to live performances that has left it?s mark on all who have been witness. They quickly rose from playing smaller venues in Belfast, like Auntie Annie?s and Katy Daly?s, to the renowned Empire Music Hall and The Limelight (both 600+ capacity venues).

The journey continues:

The quality of this band onstage, and on record, is plain to see. With memorable shows in Dolan?s Warehouse, Limerick; The Half Moon Theatre, Cork; and Cuba in Galway, along with constant airplay on Galway Bay FM, their following throughout Ireland continues to grow. In April 2003 they joined the ranks of Ireland?s finest, when they played alongside Damien Rice, Mundy, Nina Hynes, and others at the ?Fair Play Dublin? show in Vicar St. in support for Oxfam?s ?Make Trade Fair? campaign.

The message hits the waves:

Along with steady airplay throughout the country on great programs like Across the line and the BBC's Evening session. Leya were honoured when Jon Richards at Galway Bay FM invited the band into his studio to record a session. With the intention of playing one song for a few weeks, then the next, he had soon played everything within a week due to phenomenal demand and so invited the band once more to come back to record a few more tracks. Two of these tracks are featured on "Embraces" the highly prized compilation album that Jon released this year.

Leya?s first single ?For Me Everytime? was released to critical acclaim from the Irish music press, being described as ?A sound meeting halfway between the stadium prowess of U2 and the subtlety of Radiohead?. From this, they have received huge airplay on the principal radio and TV stations across Ireland, namely Cool FM, RTE?s 2FM, BBC Radio Ulster, BBC Radio 1 and The John Daly Show.

Leya have now confirmed their management - Terra Firma Management (London) and 2Generations In
New York.
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