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Ever since they exploded onto the folk scene back in 1997, Legacy have established themselves as one of the most popular Celtic bands around with a reputation for breathtaking sets of tunes coupled with great songs and awe-inspiring instrumentation. Blending together the diverse musical worlds of jazz, Celtic and world music, they're one of the few bands trying to be a little different from the normality of the traditional music scene. Their musical synergy has gained them respect among audiences and professionals and subsequently they have played in support to WATERSON CARTHY, DERVISH, LONDON LASSES and many more.
The Band are,
Clare Sanders: After many years of classical training this young lady has developed a great flair for Celtic and folk music and brings to the band a refreshing blend of contemporary techniques in sympathy with tradition of flute and whistle playing. In addition, her vocal skills are crisp and clear and she also plays the Bodhr?n.
Tim Cotterell the youngest member of the band and is gaining great recognition as a competent fiddle player who brings a host of international styles to his fiddle playing wizardry. An accomplished and much sought after musician. Tim has played in several bands world-wide.
Paul Burgess with his rhythmic guitar and mandolin playing drives the music while his apparent ability to play in almost any style you could care to mention gives LEGACY the foundation of its uniquely varied repertoire. Paul is an experienced and very competent musician.

Mal Sims has a wide experience in Celtic and Folk music bridges the varied styles of traditional, contemporary and other music. His superb vocal, guitar and cittern work is well known but it is his intricate and sensitive Bodhr?n techniques which draws admiration and comment from even the top players in the country.
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