Last Days of Death Country. Since Feb, 07. Based in Limerick Rock | Indie | Alternative Rock
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Bone-Last Days of Death Country

Members: 4
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Patrick O'Brien-Vocals and guitar, Dave O'Dowd-Guitar, Rob Kelly-Drums, Gary Lysaght-Bass
A Perfect Circle, Deftones, Foo Fighters

contact name:Rob
phone: 085-1548-969
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'Last Days of Death Country' was formed by vocalist/guitarist Patrick O'Brien and drummer Rob Kelly. O'Brien had played formerly with 'Decato' aswell as his own solo work. He played demos of his music to 'Arkham' drummer, Kelly, who offered himself as drummer should O'Brien ever form a band in the future. It was in the spring of 2007 (when Kelly's band 'Arkham' went on hiatus) that they decided to move forward with plans of a band. They were then joined by bassist Gary Lysaght, of 'Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters' and guitarist Dave O'Dowd, of 'Sin E' (Lysaght had played bass for 'Arkham' with Kelly and O'Dowd had been friends with O'Brien for years.) The band was formed in feb,07 and after some rehearsals a list of original songs started to form. The name was thought up by O'Brien one night in his room, the meaning of which is best left not being asked.

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