Koesher. Since 2004. Based in Wexford Alternative Rock | Indie | Blues/Rock
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Atmospheric Pleasure

Members: 5
Members Names:
Commie, Wallo, Rozzie, Dave & Brian
Inevetible, sub-conscious influences are in our musical minds from wide and varied sources.

contact name:Diarmaid
phone: 0864190072
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All the way back in 1994, three school friends started a band called "Levitate" (stupid name, we know). Rozzie, Wally and myself (Commie) learned our craft together, all with the same hunger for musical creation.

From the beginning song writing was the main aim in the band. The short is, the band split up and through the hazy teenage learning curve we re-assembled in 2004. With accomplished musicianship, the band began to create the sound of "Koesher". Von a friend and local musical writing machine was drafted in on keyboard. From the off, a group writing system was developed. Rozzies jerky, soul-funk guitar licks fused with my chord play, whisked together with Wallys funky melody bass and garnished with Vons inventive, rocker ideology created a new, positive, foot stomping sound. After playing with different drummers Brian Davis arrived (mandatory madness intact) to complete the Koesher line-up. We began to build up our name in the south east.

"Lark", an annual 1000 capacity outdoor event has been organised by ourselves since 2003 in Gorey and this has helped to cement our reputation for energetic, good-feel, alternative rock seen in all our live performances. By 2005 a good momentum had been reached and with the launch in August of our first EP "Atmospheric Pleasure" to rave reviews in the local media and Hot Press, Koesher were out there. In between full-time jobs (not music unfortunately) we continued to craft our songs and performed in venues in Dublin and around the south east, rehearsing weekly in our self built studio.

2006, a gear is stepped up, gigging every week as far a field as possible, getting to the last six in the "Emergenza" National final Vicar St in June, and receiving airplay on Beat Fm and South East Radio, things are building fast. By the end of the year we hope to have built up our fan base in order to play bigger and better gigs, with the launch of a single and a coinciding tour. To your ears.........and beyond!
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