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Robby - Guitar and Vocals, Seany - Bass and Vocals, Fergie - Drums and vocals
Biffy Clyro, Sonic Youth, Placebo

contact name:Robby Edgar
phone: 07835649624
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About Kelwan

Kelwan - Formed from the ashes of PhoenixDAWN & Preacher in late 2005 with the addition of ex-Sinocence drummer Fergie. The name is derived from the Raymond E. Feist Magician series of books.

Kelwan are a guitar based trio. The music is a very full, very melodic blend of grungey-rock, encorperating 3 vocals and a plentitude of effects.

Hailing from Lurgan, Ireland we.....Nevermind, there's not much to say about that shithole of a place. Abe Lincoln was born in Lurgan, and taught how to grow a beard by Cavemen Willy. The Endor scenes in 'Return of the Jedi' where actually filmed in Lurgan park, while some of the outdoor scenes in the classic 'Poseidon Adventure' where taken using the wave machine at Lurgans very own 'Waves' swimming pool. Hendrix purchased his first Strat from McLoeds in the top end of town, complete with boiled strings and the offer of a bigger cabinet. And I heard it said that Moses himself scribed the 10 commandments on a piece of rock from Norman Emersons. But as I say, not much interesting in that town.

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