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A bit about Karl ...

Currently residing in Dublin, Karl has played numerous gigs in venues around Dublin, and appeared in "Songwriter Specials" and "Singer/Songwriter" nights in the Isaac Butt, Voodoo Lounge, Da2 and the Mezz Bar to name a few.

Karl formed his first band in his late school years and from there was involved in many project bands in which he was exposed to huge variety of musical influences.

After school Karl became a member and songwriter for "Junior Kane". The band launched an EP "Thousand Yard Smile" to critical acclaim from Hotpress amongst others and attracted some record label interest. Alas it was not to be and the band went their separate musical ways.

For a while nothing happened .... then spurred on by the encouragement of family and friends Karl began working on his own unique sound.

Karl returned to writing songs and playing live and is currently concentrating on a new batch of material for a forthcoming E.P. (Late 2003/early 2004)

Karl's influences range from REM , the Beatles , Thin Lizzy to modern day contemporaries such as The Frames , The Devlins and David Kitt. With a unique voice and crafted songs it's worth trying to catch one of his live gigs.
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