Johnny Vans. Since writing songs all His life. Based in Antrim Singer/Songwriter | Blues | Protest Songs
'Johnny Vans' on IrishUnsigned music:
Heart of a lion
I know you
Karma's calling

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Johnny Vans singer/guitar player/harmonica player/and all bass duties
john Martyn/stevie wonder/the blues/americana/folk/classic rock

contact name:johnny vans
phone: 07951854415
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johnny Vans is no ordinary singer/songwriter.steeped in tradition of everything that is good to love in music and hopefully spitting it out the johnny vans way!!!
johnny has been playing guitar 20 something years and singing a good 10 of those
but always writing in every band he has ever been in" from the beginning to the end"

he has recently recorded a full length c.d."two hills in a valley" a few of which are sampled here

will gig anywhere and everywhere in the pursuit of the magic gig that will take you to a planet long forgotten in the music business but getting better GOOD VIBES so watch for the name come on down and check it out. what have got to lose!!!111
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