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Just enough to see me through

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John Munnelly is a singer-songwriter who hails from Belmullet in County Mayo, but who now lives and works in County Kildare. John took up the guitar in 1995 and penned his first tune in 1998. This song ?Just enough to see me through? is a song that John wrote after his wife Aoife teased him that he had never written anything for her.
John has done many gigs showcasing his original material up and down the country, highlights include opening up for Cruachan in Eamonn Doran?s in Temple bar, Dublin and a sell-out homecoming gig in Tr? Bui, Holmes? Music venue, Doohooma, County Mayo last June. John?s style has been described as being open as he embraces all styles of music and he tries to reflect that in the song writing. John shares writing duties with his long time friend, collaborator and music soundboard, Mr Leon Bias. John says of Leon ?a great guy who doesn?t laugh when I come to the table with a ridiculous idea for a song.?

John?s voice has been described as a mix between Bono, Springsteen and Meatloaf!! John is busy working on his debut album ?Get busy living, Get busy dying? which hopefully will be completed by the end of this year or early next year.

Also, John is currently gigging with friends and support musicians, Thin Ice. Thin Ice are a Kildare based covers band that play a mix from the 50?s up to today. Playing live regularly gives John the chance to develop stage presence and see how crowds react to popular tunes. This is where, in Johns? opinion, the learning for writing great songs comes from. ?When you play a great song and the crowd reacts positively, you have to analyse why does it have that reaction. Then you have to see if you can draw on that from your own experiences and recreate that with an original song.?

Finally John believes that a lot of song writing is melancholic and mournful and thinks that this needs to be balanced with upbeat and lively tunes, hence, ?Just enough to see me through?.

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