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Macca Records artist, and John Lennon Song Contest Honoree John McDermot is an Irish musician living in San Francisco. Although best described as singer/songwriter/ guitarist, he does not fit the traditional mould of folk singer with acoustic guitar in hand and heart on sleeve. While some of his music has folk elements to it, he is just as likely to use a cranked up Les Paul through a Vox AC30, or samples, or a drum machine. Whatever fits. His influences are wide and varied, from Dylan and The Beatles, through The Smiths, REM, The Pixies, The Stone Roses, Uncle Tupelo, Wilco to Richard Thompson and lots of old and modern blues. John writes primarily for himself and Macca Records recording artists, Stride, but he has also written songs with and for other artists. He has played for audiences in Ireland, England, Germany and the USA. John is also a studio engineer and has his own studio where he mixes analog and digital gear to produce his own unique sound. He has had #1 songs on and his song "Moorings" was song of the day on
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