Jilted. Since 2005. Based in Kilkenny Electronic | Rock | Elemental
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Kevin Broderick(guitars,bass,keyboards,synths,vocals,programming,sampling) Paul Egan(drums) Maeve Murphy(vocals)
The Prodigy , The Prodigy , The Prodigy , The Prodigy , Chemical Brothers , Queens of the stone age , Kerbdog , Jimi Hendrix

contact name:Kevin Broderick
phone: 0863118658
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jilted were formed in early 2005 by Kevin Broderick , when he discroved his love for creating music on computer based programs . Kevin had been experienced in playin bass , keyboards and his main intrument guitar , he begin playing and recording bass riffs and keyboard paterns and then looping them over and added computer based intruments to them, then adding his rock/blues/dance style guitar riffs and writing lyrics to them . Shortly after Kevin was joined by friend Paul Egan who put live techno and rock style drum beats to Kevins creations , in a short time they had 3 songs . Kevin and Paul begin practising them live with the use of backing tracks so that they could play along to Kevins creation . 'It was very hard at first because to play with backin tracks , timing needs to be 100% perfect , it took us a while but once we got it everything started to fall in to place' . At this time Kevin and Paul were practisin alot and still had to name . After a lot of practise Kevin and Paul had about 6 songs , they decided to get a female vocalist and the first person that came to mind was one of there close friends Maeve Murphy . Maeve was happy to play with the lads , so Maeve and Kevin began matching there voices together and practising live as a 3 piece . Maeves voice went perfect with there songs and Kevin and Paul were very happy with Maeves singin . They decided to call them selfs 'Jilted' , after a lot of extensive practise Jilted played there first gig in cleeres theathre in Kilkenny , they recived a big crowd and very good reaction . Shortly after there first gig Jilted were discovered by'ComeGirlPromotions' who are helping Jilted get gigs across Ireland . At this time March 9th 2006 Jilted have a lot of gigs planed ,each one they have played getting better and better and making more and more fans , the band are allso playin to record a 5 track EP . Watch Out For ''Jilted'' !
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