James Mark Donnelly. Since My band chops and changes.. Based in Dublin Blues/Rock | Soul | Singer/Songwriter
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Rise Up
Constant State of Mourning

When u Call my name (live)

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James Mark Donnelly - Vox and Guitar, Fionn Corcoran - lead Guitar
The Band, The Beatles, Otis Reading, Stevie Wonder, Ray LaMontagne

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phone: 0868314877
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After a long musical break, 6 years to be precise, I got back into a band. After realising why I left the whole band thing behind in the first place, I called it a day on that too. Feckin Singers ey!! Just started playing around Dublin recently and have been met with a great reaction.My first gig got me fast-tracked onto the 'Live In Your Livingroom' event in the Sugar Club. This event was recorded for web broadcast. It featured artists such as Royseven and Ham Sandwich.
My musical tastes are very varied. from Sinatra to the Sex Pistols, Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, Motown, New Orleans soul, Memphis blues, the Band the list is endless!
Things are simple for me now, I just want to do what I've loved since I was 4, Singing! And to do what i loved since I heard my first Beatles Album, Write songs. Therein lies my passion! Hopefully you'll come check me out sometime, and you may just enjoy it!

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