Jaerus. Since 2 years. Based in Wexford Heavy Metal | Heavy Rock | Rock
'Jaerus' on IrishUnsigned music:
Memorial (sample)
Seamless (sample)
Pious (sample)

Eataway (video)

Members: 5
Members Names:
Glue (Bass), Niall (Percussion), Donal (Guitar), Ftse (Guitar), Jon (Vocals)
Tool, A Perfect Circle, Primus, NIN

contact name:Brian
phone: 00
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Where to Start with Jaerus, there highly influenced by Tool, they've being writing and recording music for the last 2 years and there now about to hit the road after finally finishing recording there E.P. which was delayed by the injury to there drummer.

Jaerus's Black grinding guitar tone, tar-thick particular drumming, and airy elevated vocals combine to give you an intense musical unit. There music demonstrates Jaerus's ability to combine both heavy and hauntingly moody atmospheric tone's which focus's on the bands abundance of creative ideas and explosive playing.

There First Offical gig is to take place in the Halfway House, Ballycogley, Wexford on February 10th 2007. This is to be followed by a list of gigs around the country. You can check out a sample of ther music above or at www.jaerus.com
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