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contact name:Rob Weldon
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You're probably thinking : "Oh! , No! four girls dressed the same , big pearly white smiles + synchronised dance routines. "
WRONG!! Jade are a breath of fresh air!, original! and talented, a rarity in a world gone mad with Popstars, flopstars, pop idols and the like.
They are a four piece all girl band but they play Live without the use of backing tracks. They all come from a small village in the South East, and went to school together. In fact three of the girls were in the same class. They all deferred college for one year to concentrate on writing and recording their own material. After only six months back on the live circuit they were already playing to packed houses all over the Country and have created a major impact in all venues they have performed in to date.

Jade were interviewed and performed Live on TodayFM with Philip Cawley and on South East Radio with Alan McGuire. They appeared on Television on 19th of July 2002 (TG4- Interview and played livw) and again on Sunday 21st July 2002 and most recently on RTE1's - Open House programme (March 2003).

Jade won the regional final of the I.M.R.O. showcase held in Wexford and were invited to Vicar St. in Dublin to perform in the National showcase held on the 11th May. They have also won the final of the ?Popstars? competition held in Dublin in ?Innisfail?s? on the 27thMay 2002.

After listening to an hour?s interview and a live session on radio the ?The Heart Foundation? contacted us to invite the band to be their music sponsor in the Southern Region. Jade have already played for this organisation in the Hydro Night Club.

Tracks from their CD are played regularly on South East Radio. Dave Fanning heard the girls in Vicar St. and has since played them on 2FM. RTE 1 have also played tracks from their CD recently. Coupled with the four tracks on their demo the girls have written more than enough songs to record an album. They perform most of these songs in their live show.
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