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Jayah?s music has been evolving since the days of the Bronx Irish Theatre, where singer/songwriter Stephen Smallhorne began penning tunes for such notable productions as The Risen People, among others. It was there that he met singer Sheila O?Leary, and a personal as well as a musical friendship was formed. While having informal music sessions at the legendary An Beal Bocht Caf? in Riverdale, guitarist S?amus Daly and bassist Dean Marchi were first drawn to Stephen?s music, and Jayah was born. Jayah?s music, while difficult to categorize since each song stands on its own, is reminiscent of a blend of classic rockers like Yes, traditional Irish artists like Mary Black, and folk-rockers like the Waterboys.
Stephen?s songwriting, with its rich melodies and lush harmonies, is the ideal setting for Sheila?s soulful voice, and their arrangements perfectly showcase the talents of all the band members - whether they are performing with the core quartet, or with the 13-piece ?Jayah big-band.?
It?s no wonder that the Irish Voice wrote that Jayah is ?a band worth watching for.?
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