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It's hard to believe that it has been ten years since Indian first burst onto the Irish music scene from their base in Sligo. Their new release is a celebration of the decade they've spent adventuring in song. The core of the band has always been Joe Hunt, Martin Harte, Christy Behan and Leon Donnellan. The addition two years ago of former MAMA'S BOYS and CELTUS member, Pat McManus, seemed to be a pre-destined event, somehow completing the band and adding new depth and breadth to the well-established Indian sound. Indian's debut album Show Me that Chihuahua Again was released to critical acclaim in 1996. It spawned two hit singles and an army of die-hard fans, who had to wait a long time to get their hands on another slice of Indian. The second album Blue Flowers came out last year and despite some early distribution problems has sold astounding numbers at gigs and on the web. It has been described as 'mature', 'accomplished' and 'sublime' by various national organs. The release of Blue Flowers coincided with Indian's foray onto the world wide web. has been a runaway success with more than a quarter of a million hits from over fifty countries, and has been responsible not only for major sales of the new album, but a significant revival in the sales of Chihuahua. Indian have always been most at home on stage, and every fan will tell you that you can't really know what Indian are about until you see them live. From the quiet reflection of Bang Bang Gun to the shout-out-loud exuberance of Assassination, the live show leaves an audience panting for more. Ten Years is a jaunt through the unfolding history of Indian, with both new material and a new take on some old favourites, and its release heralds some exciting changes to the live set which will, as always, have them dancing in the aisles.
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