Hijinx. Since 2003. Based in Dublin Blues/Rock | Rock and Roll | Folk
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The Veteran
Broken Roads

Hijinx - Immigrant Song (cover)

Members: 4
Members Names:
Sean, Aaron, Eddy, Greg
Everything around us.

contact name:Aaron
phone: 0876168415
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Hijinx was formed in late 2004. Emerging from Tallaght this band of four complete with their rock riff's to jazz guitar, influences every type of music they can in their songs. Sturdy, hard drum beat hammering away to control the back bone of the music along side with the rough crispy bass, slapping and popping adding the low depth to the sound, with two up-front wailing guitars battling it out and complimenting each other with harmony to flow with the melody of a leading melodic, high pitched vocals expressing the songs words and emotions together creating the sound that Hijinx produce.

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The band began as Aaron. convinced friend Eddy to start a band, who Aaron worked with all his life, the two decided to jam and made some great progress. Out of coincidence as Aaron was searching for a drummer, he was talking to a friend of Greg's and had got Greg's number. Greg had jammed with Aaron and Eddy before and had drifted apart due to inactivity of the other band and in doing so lost contact numbers. When Aaron got Greg's number he rang him and so catching up then gradually decided to join Hijinx as Greg was what they were looking for. After a long period of trial and error hijinx were beginning to think that singers just aint what they craked up to be until on a spur of the moment decision they asked Sean Derwin to sing for a gig in eamon Dorans. What happened that night remains history, u can see it when hijinx are on stage, hear it in the songs and most of all in what they do best...........Rock and Roll!!!
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