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Hey You
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Hidden From Nowhere

Having recently been tipped by Hotpress as contenders for 2006's best new kids on the block, Dublin rock band, Hidden From Nowhere look set to be the band everyone is going to be talking about in the coming months.

A band in its relative infancy, Hidden From Nowhere was formed just under a year ago from the ashes of Aggressive Broccoli; one of the more popular acts to perform under the Robert Stephenson headed Blast/Treasure Island label.

Since then, Hidden From Nowhere have been living up to the considerable hype with their high energy live performances, coupled with catchy rock songs which belie the foursome's young age.
The bands hard working mentality and considerable knowledge of the music industry all contributes to their debut EP Farewell to Glory, which was recorded last year and showcases a more focused and mature sound to that of their former incarnation, proving that Hidden From Nowhere now have a more efficient and prioritized approach to their music.

With a French trip in July and an Irish and English tour to coincide with their autumn single release, Hidden From Nowhere will at least be in definite contention for Irelands hardest working band in 2006.
Be sure to keep an eye out for them in the coming months.

For further information log onto
www.hiddenfromnowhere.com or

For guest lists to any of their shows please contact their manager Rory Broughal on +35386-1028003 or email the group at hiddenfromnowhere@gmail.com
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