Hell Fire Club. Since 2006. Based in Antrim Alternative Rock | Blues | Heavy Rock
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Dead Man Funk

Members: 3
Members Names:
Graeme Arthur - Drums, Steve McCullough - Bass, Mark Garrett - Guitar + Vocs
Archie Bronson Outfit, Robert Johnstone, Sonic Youth

contact name:Steve
phone: 07814701539
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"Somewhere between Sonic Youth and Jonny Cash" - AU

"... combining Backwoods Blues and raucous Rock and Roll to create a brilliantly unwholesome, down and dirty cacophony....On this evidence the Devil really has got the best tunes." Francis Jones - Culture NI

"I even linked them up to my myspace page I love this track so much." Colin Murray - BBC Radio 1

"... ear-bending solo, spellbindingly disharmonic vocal melody and clean hi-hat/tom-tom drumming." - No Clarity

"Sounds like clutch. I love it." Rory McConnell - BBC Radio 1

"Promising to become the biggest band in Ireland." Sean Murphy - Irish Star

Stuff of note might include a video for ATL TV, being played on BBC Radio 1 and supporting Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.
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