Hangingbox. Since 2004. Based in Cork Rock | Pop/Rock | Indie
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Jonathan Courney - Vocals and rhythm guitar, Alex Humphreys - Bass, Paul Riordan - Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals, Kyle McEnery - Drums
We listen to everything we can find and we've recently been compared to the following: Pixies, early Red Hot Chill Peppers, Modest Mouse, Talking Heads,, The Beastie Boys, Franz Ferdinand.

contact name:Jonathan Courney
phone: 061780497
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11 - 7 - 2007: Going to the studio today to begin recording My Name is Die and maybe another song, so watch this space...

An excerpt from www.hangingbox.com

"'Hangingbox' is an entity based in Cork, Ireland, that serves the purpose of creating every song known (and unknown) to man.

More recently, 'Hangingbox' has been concentrating on composing pieces that focus on the controversial aspects of life.

Titles include;

* Grassfights
* Ostrageous
* Salt, Salt Water
* Funkin' Umbrella Street Racer
* Quality Blend
* Old man Blues
* Hyper Pepper
* Perspective = Lie
* My Name is Die
* I shat myself, but so are you....?

Also, 'Hanginbox' is, of course, in the process of writing every other song that will be released in the near future, but they have not been named yet.

'Hangingbox' does not receive royalties for the music it has created, because it is not of any distinct form, and has no use for money. However, 'Hangingbox' does experience an emotion (similar to the emotion 'happiness' that humans experience), whenever one of it's songs has been heard."
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