Green Man. Since 1996. Based in Outside Ireland Celtic | World Music | Electronic
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A Conversation With Death
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Ken Eros (cittern, guitars, loops, sitar, synths, vocals), April Theriault (flutes (silver/wooden), synths, tin whistle, vocals), and Martin Morrisey Martin Morrisey with special guests: Eris Rigler (uilleann pipes), Austin Wrinkle (Tabla, Eastern percuss
Afro Celt Sound System, Golden Palominos, Mazzy Star, Dead Can Dance, Portishead

contact name:Ken Eros
phone: (805) 640-8588
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GREEN MAN'S 'lovedeathbeauty':

Building on traditional lyrics and melodies, Green Man's new compact disc 'lovedeathbeauty' (independently released on Bad Baby Records and a follow-up to the band's self-titled debut release 'GREEN MAN') delivers a cinematic soundscape ranging from Celtic to Appalachian to Arabic. Dark, beautiful, layered, hallucinogenic, and smart; think 1 Giant Leap, Portishead, and Massive Attack filtered through Middle Eastern and Celtic sensibilities. The result is unique, exciting and fresh.

The palette of sounds is large and varied, combining acoustic instruments (flutes, tin whistle, accordion, cittern, sitar) with contemporary (loops, techno beats, samples, sequencers, Eastern percussion/rhythms, thunderous drums, heavy rock guitars) -- all tied together with rich male/female lead vocals and lush three-part harmonies.

While remaining true to the timeless depth and beauty of traditional Celtic music, Green Man creates a sound and mood that is decidedly their own.

The group is again joined on this album by celebrated uilleann pipes player Eric Rigler (Bad Haggis, Troy, Master And Commander, Titanic, Braveheart, The Road To Perdition soundtracks) and world percussionist Austin Wrinkle (Hands On'Semble) as well as numerous other special guests.


Live shows incorporate any combination of fire/glowstick dancing, bellydance, hula-hoops and Irish step-dancing.

Green Man have shared the stage with Battlefield Band, Black 47, Cowboy Junkies, Gaelic Storm, Arlo Guthrie, Talitha MacKenzie, Todd Rundgren, Show Of Hands, Seven Nations, and The Young Dubliners, among many others. Martin Morrisey's dancing feet have appeared with The Chieftains and on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.


"This CD is excellent from start to finish, fusing traditional instrumentation with the contemporary, and generating a sound and mood that should satisfy both the traditional and the progressive listener. It is, without any reservation, one of the best independent releases that we have received - the kind you hope for but rarely get."
- Scott Ericson, Music Sojourn

"I like (it) very much. It's a very interesting approach... much more authentic than Riverdance music, it (has) a much nicer edge to it."
- Joe Boyd, Producer (Pink Floyd, REM, 10,000 Maniacs)

"Too many Irish bands fit into one of two categories - Celtic rock a la drums, electric guitar and bass slaughtering 'Brown-Eyed Girl' or 'Fisherman's Blues' - or strictly traditional, overly polite bands. Green Man is a band of solid musicianship that electrifies...their willingness to experiment is refreshing."
- Dave Soyars, Irish Herald (San Francisco, CA)

"Green Man combines Celtic and Eastern music to sometimes startling effect. The music is all lush and lovely, like Enya touring with Lawrence of Arabia."

"Green Man's music is rooted in Celtic - but the instrumentation takes them around the world, and even into space, while held together with incredible rhythm."
- John Wilmott, Celtic Ways

"Celtic music reinvents itself with every new age... this time around it's called Green Man."
- John Hannah, writer for People Magazine
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