Goat. Since 2006. Based in Waterford Alternative Rock | Atmospherics | Rock
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Members: 3
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Kevin Power guitar+vocals bota bass Dave Duffy drums
Tool,Primus,Radiohead,Bjork,Squarepusher,Aphex Twin,Sigur Ros,Autechre,King Crimson,Django Reinhardt,Miles Davis,John Coltrane

contact name:bota
phone: 085-7396477
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Goat are a three piece band playing in the Waterford area.
We originally got together to try to do some acoustic versions of Tool songs at
an open-mike night in Phil Grimes pub,however this idea went through many subtle,incremental,mutations, so now we are writing our own music and hunting for places to play it.
We have very broad and different taste's in music, and as a result could fall under several genres,Other,PigeonHole,dirtyheavyhappymusic and Subrural Electronic Goat Noise probably come closest.
Until recently, we hosted a weekly open jam night in the Bowery Bar,but as it's now shutdown,we will be playing every monday at the Atomic Jam in Electric Avenue.
We are currently recording all of our music and will have some of it here to listen to soon.
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