Gael Sli. Since 2002. Based in Dublin Folk | Celtic | Traditional
'Gael Sli' on IrishUnsigned music:
Little Jimmy Murphy
Go down ye murderer
Trip to Ticton set
Si Beag

Members: 4
Members Names:
Siobhan Warfield, lead Vox, Harp and Accordion, David Keegan, vox, Dejembe and percussion, Robin Hurt, vox, guitar, mandolin, Cian Lochnane - violin
Lunasa, Grada, Planxty, Fairport Convention

contact name:Robin Hurt
phone: 0868514981
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Gael Sli have been performing throughout Europe and the USA for 4 years now. Catch them at all the major European Irish festivals and you will find them one of your highlighted performing acts! As the Irish Times pointed out " A band with a sound all their own"

Formed in 2002 from the ashes of indie rock band Goldfish, the four founding members returned to their roots - Irish traditional music. That year they appeared on HMV's St. Patricks Day Lunch time concerts on 5th Avenue, New York along with such luminaries as the Wolfetones, Sinead O'Connor, The Chieftains and Dervish. Before long, queues were forming down the street in Paddy Reillys and they found themselves headlining many European and US festivals. Sales of their first album "The Irish Century" topped the 5000 mark. One of the tracks penned by Siobhan Warfield, Lead vox (Women's drinking song" became one of the most downloaded on Celtic TV. Appearing on Good Morning America in 2005 to an audience of 20million coast to coast on St. Patricks Day cemented their rising popularity. In 2005, a new album of original, self penned and old songs taken from antique songbooks was recorded and released - entitled "The Sum of all Parts", Gael Sli went on to be voted No 1 performing act by the American public (

Gael Sli are extremely popular in Germany and can be seen performing there at all the major folk and Celtic festivals.

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