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It all started when in Shannon, Co. Clare in 2002, Liam O'Gorman and his school friend DM (we can't mention his real name for legal reasons) decided to jam. Both had been playing guitar and drums, their respective instruments, for only a couple of months. They then between the two of them formed an attic band, so called because they jammed up in DM's attic. Late 2002 came and due to personal reasons DM and Liam decided to give it a break, therefore resulting in Liam leaving the attic.
It was March 2003, Liam arranged a meeting with DM, accompanied by Big Dave (Dave O'Neill from Shannon), and cleared the air. This earned Liam a place in what was now a full unit. Liam's absence led DM to find talent for his attic band. He acquired two guitarists Gerard and Rory (both from Shannon) through meetings, and bassist James Lynch (from Michelstown, Co. Cork) responded to an ad in a music shop in Limerick. In on vocals was Tool nut Aidan McMahon. Then, due to lack of commitment, Gerard and Rory were asked to leave, making the slot for Liam available. This left them one man down. At this stage, they were no longer an attic band. DM neighbors were getting sick and tired of the loud music coming from the attic, so they found a practice hall right across the road from DM's house called Tullyvarraga Hall. Every weekend they would jam out tunes from Metallica, System Of A Down, Audioslave, Black Sabbath, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Korn. Sometime a few months later, Aidan left the band. They needed a singer and a guitarist. They found this talent in Derek Buckley.

Derek was meant as a stand-in until they found someone else to take over the duties. This was a good move. Derek was well known to the Shannon people as being a talented musician. Everybody loved him for his skills. He's even done some recording in the Big Dave studio (Big Dave's computer room with some modest recording equipment) cracking out covers and originals. Mid-Late 2003 came along, and with that also came a gig in the local Park Hall. They needed a name and fast. While Liam and DM were sitting in Supermac's (fast-food place), Liam looked at the door and saw the word 'Push'. This was then the chosen name for the band. So, the line-up for the Park Hall gig was 'Push', 'FDM' (First Degree Murder), and 'Spare'. This gig went down good for them. Still having no original songs, they played all covers. A few weeks down the line they played DM's secondary school (St. Patrick's Comprehensive School). They played with 'FDM' and 'Nixon's Mother'. With Derek still filling in on guitars and vocals, the gig wasn't so good, due to technical hitches (a power shortage, broken monitors, guitar strings, etc). The band went on, still practicing every weekend, still down two men.

Everyone agreed Push was a pretty lame name, so they changed it to 'Point Of Origin'. With the initials spelling 'P.O.O.', Liam didn't take a liking to it. But it was kept anyway until another name was thought of. It was now January 2004, when James recommended guitarist Michael Quealy. From Shannon, Michael came for an audition. With his excellent lead play, Mike impressed all present, but 'P.O.O.' were still short a singer. March came along quickly, and on Tuesday, March 16 2004, they played Scholars Pub in the University Of Limerick (UL) campus with Donal Meehan (friend of Mike and James) standing in on vocals. It was a one-off occurrence. Because on Wednesday, March 17 2004 (St. Patrick's Day), they played Shannon Town Center for the festivities with Derek Buckley back on vocals and guitar. Liam sat this gig out due to a hangover from the night before. He did however go up on stage for one song. Derek gave Liam his guitar to play Toxicity by System Of A Down. The open air gig was a new and refreshing experience.

The band was about to hit rocky waters. DM's overall attitude to the band, genre, and other members was frustrating everyone. It was Tuesday, April 27 2004, and after a recording session, an agreement was made to find a new drummer, due to personal and musical differences with DM. Finding a good drummer isn't the easiest task, but luckily enough, Mike and James found Dave O'Dowd (from Ballinasloe, Co. Galway) playing drums in the music room in UL. His amazing double kick-drumming and varying rhythms struck a chord with everyone. He agreed immediately to join forces with the band. His taste in music was similar to the rest of the band, so he fit in straight away.

Despite losing a long-time member under disappointing circumstances, the band must move on. Recording started, thanks to Big Dave (band's recorder, webmaster and friend) and since there wasn't any drum tracks recorded previously for the songs, the floor is open to Dave to lay the beats down when we come to those FUCKIN' DRUM TRACKS. On Tuesday, May 4 2004, they named their new band 'Hostile'. On top of recording, Mike, James and Dave are studying for their end of year college exams commencing in mid May 2004. Liam is studying for his secondary school Leaving Certificate exams commencing in early June 2004.

It's July 2004, and the band have had to change their name for legal reasons (it's legal everything these days!). Hostile are now known as Full Shred. And the story goes on.....

-- Co-Written by Big Dave and James Lynch

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