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For Ruin has existed since late 2003. Originally based in Cork, Ireland, it is now based in Valencia, Spain. Having played and recorded with a number of bands during his 29 years, as well as recording and producing many Cork-based bands, John began to follow his own path in music.

While completing PhD research during 1998-2004, John wrote and demoed a number of tracks in his limited spare time, which finally found their way onto the split Meiche / For Ruin demo. This demo contrasts two styles of metal, with For Ruin displaying a distinctively melodic approach, while Meiche possess a more raw black metal approach. Taranis is the man behind the Meiche tracks, and John assited him by playing drums, keyboards and lead guitar on the Meiche tracks.

The split demo was recorded by John at home during late 2003/2004 at various intervals and produced 11 tracks - the best of which appear on the split demo. During early 2004, John relocated to Valencia, Spain. He immediately began writing and recording again, bouyed by a positive and encouraging review ( of the first For Ruin demo on by CiarĂ¡n Tracey.

So far, a number of tracks have been recorded and a second demo is on the way. It will feature more advanced material than that found on the Split demo, as well as an improved version of the first track from the original demo. Samples of the new material are available in the DOWNLOADS page ( check them out.....the second demo should be out some time at the end of the summer - it will hopefully be worth the wait!

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