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Floyd Soul - Vocals, guitar & harp Deano Moran - Guitar, vocals & vibes Simon Merriman - Bass, vocals & percussion Ciaran Delaney - Drums, vocals & spice
The Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Kings Of Leon, Bruce Springsteen, AC/DC

contact name:Luke Heffernan
phone: 087 7790404
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Having won The National Student Music Awards in May 2008, Floyd Soul And The Wolf revved up a gear. Singles were duplicated and tours booked.

As a result we now have Give It A Chance and The Give It A Chance Tour.

The Give It A Chance Tour rolls through Ireland during August, September and October so be sure to listen out for the howl of The Wolf.

Like it or not, this is a band your gonna' hear about.

About their live shows Hotpress have to say:

"Floyd Soul & The Wolf play as if all our very lives depended on it, and when did you last think that about any Irish band?"

So be sure to catch them in your neck of the woods soon.
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