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Up until quite recently Floating Point was nothing more than a bedroom band, consisting of two dapper lads, Bryn Jones (Accoustic guitar and Production) and Ryan Oelofse (Lead Guitar).

All of the bands music is recorded, edited and mixed directly onto PC. After a few months spent building up a decent portfolio of work, a singer was recruited to add some much needed vocal talent. With a singer on board (Oba Seagrave), the band proceeded to carve out its own unique style which can best be described as 'melodic rock'.

Finally, the addition of a drummer (Jarrod Marshall) means that Floating Point have started rehearsals with a view towards gigging in and around Dublin and expect to making noises for a wider audience in the very near future.

"Reminiscent of all the good story-tellers in rock music over the years, 'Sunset' paints a clear picture with the minimum of words. Backed up by real power and a rock riff that Thin Lizzy would be happy with, Floating Point have what - to their fans - could become an anthem."
- IrishUnsigned.

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