Fergal Nash. Since 2002. Based in Limerick Pop/Rock | Folk | genre
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Enjoy it while you can
All or nothing
Come on talk to me

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Fergal Nash - Vox/Guitars/Percussion
Ash/Oasis/Teenage Fanclub/Dylan/Josh Ritter

contact name:Fergal Nash
phone: 087 9489896
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30 years old. Born Kilcornan Co. Limerick. First band a covers band at school called "Nemesis" in the early nineties. Mainly Metallica/Nirvana songs. Started seriously writing my own songs in 1992. I have my own pc based home recording studio using cubase. Influenced by pop/rock guitar bands and folky singer songwtiters. Oasis/Ash/Teenage Fanclub/Manics/U2/Metallica/Dylan/Cash/Neil Young/Josh Ritter to name a few.Reviewed by Jackie Hayden in his "Demo dip" in Hot Press issue dated 20th Septemer 2006. I think my style could be described as catchy guitar melodies with interesting lyrics which express my emotions and general observations on life. I like lyrics that make some kind of a point or tell a story, instead of just bland "Catch me when I fall" bullshit (which would be my main criticism of Oasis!) I think some of the Irish bands currently getting major airplay are very boring (I won't name names!) I like a bit of edge along with catchy melodies. My stuff at the moment is still only demo quality. Hoping to go into a big studio this year and do 3 songs of real high quality, both in terms of production and song standard.
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