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Funbobby are a three piece punk rock band from Limerick, Ireland, consisting of: ?Morgan Nolan (vocals/guitar), Shane Serrano (drums/vocals) and Ronan Mitchell (vocals/bass).
Formed in Limerick in 2000, the band went through several line-up as well as name changes before they finally settled on the name ‘Funbobby’. Playing mainly across their local scene and surrounding areas for years, the band quickly gained a loyal following and respect amongst the Limerick crowd as one of the harder working bands in the city with their constant DIY releases and their energetic punk rock shows, they grabbed the attention of anyone, anywhere they went. Playing all over the country, in front of audiences both large and pitiful, in venues both big and small, selling endless amounts of records across Ireland. Having been on radio play on local, regional and national radio stations such as Live95FM and 2FM, Funbobby have managed to play such festivals as the infamous Noize Fest and the now reputable Hard Working Class Heroes Festival in Dublin, as well as playing with some of the best national and international acts such as Anti Product, Mika Bomb, 4ft Fingers, Turn, Cooper, Feverdream, The Hitchers and many more… 
In 2005 founder member and bass player, Dan Lynch left the band to pursue a career in The Philippines. After being there from the beginning, Morgan and Shane did not see it as the end of Funbobby, in fact more of a wake up call. After the searching across the valleys and back alleys of the Limerick urban landscape, Funbobby found the bass player they were looking for, in the form of a lifeguard punk named Ronan ‘Mitch’ Mitchell, whom was searching for some rock and roll after the demise of his old band, ‘Knapweed’.
Now with this current line up, Funbobby have been quite busy as of late, perfecting their shows and writing material for their upcoming record release coming late 2006 on Manga Boy Records, followed by shows across Ireland and the UK.
"... on came Funbobby, I thought to myself "oh look at them there" but as soon as they started, I was well into them punk rock kids ..."?-L.E.G. -(1st gig review/Sep '01)
“soon to be heroes" … "a punk power blast"?-L.E.G. (Mar '03)
"… rapid fire youthful energy alternating between enthusiasm and confusion … I like it!"?-An Focal (Feb '04)
"...a band for the future..."?-2FM (Nov '02)
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