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Members: 4
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Shane Kelly - Vox & Guitar, Alan Delaney - Guitars, Jim Toner - Bass, Alan Toner - Drums
U2 to Placebo, Bloc Party to The Cure...

contact name:Shane Kelly
phone: 0872322450
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EYESLAVE evolved from the ashes of several other bands in Ireland in late 2005.
After near fatal relationships with several indie record labels which nearly crushed the band into oblivion, it was decided that a break was needed in order to establish if the band had any future and a time of painful reflection ensued.

It was during this period that the band came to realise just how dissatisfied and disoriented they had become.

This is an all too familiar story in the world of music business.

Months passed by.

Then, singer Shane and guitarist Alan decided that they would not be beaten, not like this. So, they dusted off the past, stopped feeling sorry for themselves and decided to start writing songs again.

This time it was different.

A spark was ignited that had long since been gone. With new energy and confidence Shane and Alan proceeded. This was a fresh start, with new members, new ideas and a new determination to succeed.

EYESLAVE was born.

From that moment everything went from strength to strength and an amazing adventure started that no one could have predicted.

While singer Shane was in Stockholm, Sweden he contacted American Producer BRIAN SPERBER (Staind, Moby, Feeder, 3 Doors Down) in New York.

EYESLAVE had just finished demoing their new album and so Shane got a copy to Brian Sperber.

The American Producer instantly understood what EYESLAVE were about and liked the music so much that he offered to Produce and Mix the album.

A week later and Mr. Sperber caught a plane and met with Shane in Waxholm, Sweden. They hit it off immediately and a plan was hatched.

Brian pulled out all the stops for EYESLAVE and the amazing adventure began.

Incredibly, Brian got EYESLAVE into a fantastic recording studio in Stockholm, Sweden - Anderson Music owned and run by Swedish Producer and Composer Lasse Anderson, son of the famous international artist manager Stig Sike Anderson manager of ABBA and composer of some of their biggest hits.

Then it was on to Santuary Studios in London, England for the mixing part of the project.

From there to the world famous Classic Sound Studios in New York for the mastering with the respected and talented Tony Gillis at the helm.

The result of the collaboration between EYESLAVE and Brian Sperber was more successful than either party had dared dream of.

EYESLAVEs sound is huge. A wall of Alans guitars and hooks fill the senses, complimented by the strong vocals and melodies provided by Shane.

The bands commitment to writing real songs with strong guitars and meaningful lyrics pays off, as the tracks reach out and move the listener.

None of this would have been possible with out the unwavering support, guidance and encouragement from Producer Brian Sperber.

He is a real music producer and now a real friend to the band.

And now here we are, with no record company, no manager and no agents, about to step into the unknown to see where destiny takes us.

EYESLAVE's new album 'Out of the ashes' will be available very soon

We hope you will come with us and share with us in whatever happens next in this adventure.

As Shane says in EYESLAVES song Rise:

What if we rise? What if we fall? What if we make nothing at all? But if we never reach for the stars How do we know who we are?

Lets share the adventure together.


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