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High Altitude
Dear Girl
Love don't stop the pain
Things to do on Monday

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Emer Fox, vocals and guitar
Joni Mitchell, Nelly Fortado

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Firstly I'm not a band. I'm one person.I can't find any sites that support acoustic singer/song writers - so here goes. If I'm outside what you do - then I'll understand.
Been singing since I was about 8 years old. Stopped singing when I was 19. Took it up again many years later when I got fed up flicking channels on the tv. I write songs about whatever comes into my head. When I finish work, I play the guitar for about 2 hours a night - and most of the weekend - it's an obsession. The lyrics are usually written on scraps of paper while I travel into work on the bus. However one word of caution. My son Stephen says I'm the only song writer he knows who can avoid playing the chord of F entirely. (I hate it!)
Anyway - my influences are all over the place : Joni Mitchell, Sheryl Crow, Nelly Furtado, Harry Connick Jnr. KD Lang, Damien Rice, Nina Simone.
I got an honour award in the Great American Song Contest 2004 and performed one of my songs in the Clonmel National Song Contest. I send demos out all the time. Sometimes I get nice feedback from managers, but no real interest to date. I've had my songs played on Anna Livia Radio and I've done two interviews with them also. I also wrote a song about a famous murder trial in Jacksonville, Florida a few years back. The accused was a young black boy by the name of Brenton Butler. He had a very charasmatic defence attorney by the name of Pat McGuinness. One morning at about 2.00am I caught a tv documentary about the trial and there and then picked up the guitar and wrote a song about it. I eventually made contact with Pat McGuinness through his brother,(who is a private detective, with an internet site!) and sent him a demo of the song. Have since e-mailed his brother and he told me that they loved the song. It goes down very well with audiences. (It's real country!!)
I love to sing but without a band I can't do gigs. If I got my songs performed by other artists that would be a good second. So I have turned to Garageband on my Applemac for solace! Two of my songs on myspace (Dear Girl & Love Don't Stop the Pain) were recorded using guitar loops without my playing an instrument at all. I wanted to see what I could achieve if other people were doing the playing, while I just sang the song.
This song writing is a way of life for me now. It's what makes me feel good about myself. And if the songs never go any further that this - well I'll keep doing it. But it sure would be good if I got to see what even one song could sound like with a professional production.
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