Elektrovert. Since 2000. Based in Dublin Electronic | Singer/Songwriter | Electro-Pop
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Paul Mallon - Producer
Bigbeat/Drum & Bass/Trip-Hop/Techno/Dub - Liftfield, THe Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Portishead, Tricky.... etc

contact name:Paul Mallon
phone: 087 7710483
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Elektrovert is from Dublin, and consist of a few members mostly based in Blanchardstown, and although most of the work is done by Paul Mallon collaborations have so far included his father Paddy Mallon and friend Peter Whelan among others. Each new collaboration brings a whole new flavour and feel to the music, as can be heard on our web site. Further updates to the web site will include Deep Trance, House and Techno DJ mixes from up and coming DJ Dave MC, and he’s bloody good! Paul has been in some form of band or other since the mid nineties including acoustic, rock, punk, pop and dance bands his favourite of which were a fairly accomplished rock band called Sleepy House who split after differences of opinion within the band where too big, Sleepy House have played all around Ireland during the mid nineties. After attending a small music course in Ronanstown, Dublin, he got a taste for programming music on computers; and after scraping the funds together for a decent pc and some software he set off on the road to making music on his own, on the way he has had jobs teaching music technology as well as doing recording projects for singer/songwriters, which funded his way through a sound engineering diploma. Toward the end of the Nineties Paul and some others, including Dave MC set about trying to organise club nights around Dublin, with minor success. Later however they struck gold with a couple of successful beach and forest parties, as well as a couple of private parties which have been put on hold since due to one of the organisers being missing in action. Currently Paul is working on some new acoustic tracks to play at singer/songwriter nights around Dublin as well as trying to develop his skills at programming Drum & Bass music. Watch this space!!
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