Eddie Halford. Since 1998. Based in Kildare Heavy Rock | Heavy Metal | Singer/Songwriter
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Eddie Halford/Guitar, Vocals, Programing
Cat Stevens, Metallica, Static-x, Nevermore, Tool, Alice In Chains

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phone: 0863413795
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Eddie Halford has played alongside many artists over the years such as Luka Bloom, Aslan, Bon Jovi, Willie Nelson and Dosh Nagle a former guitarist with Thin Lizzy. He has been playing guitar for over 14 years and writes all his own music. He is well known on the music circuit and has performed all over the world. He spent most of his time writing rock music for films in America and released four independent albums on his own label, Dead Planet Rekerdz. His new album which will be released in September is acustic rock, which will attract more of a larger audience due to its easy listening melodies and there is something in there for every musical taste. He will tour throughout Europe and America from October onwards, but before that he will be performing at the Ryder Cup and Electric Picnic plus other festivals in Ireland and the UK. At the moment he is just putting the final touches to his album ''Fallen Angels''. The song listing is as follows, If I, Fallen Angels, Lady Of The Lake, Shame, Lost In The Void, Carress, Sail Away, Dark Soul House, Half The Man, The Dreams ''Unplugged''. Also he will be re recording ''She Moved Through The Fair'' a well known Irish Trad Ballad. The music style will have elements of acustic rock, blues, trad ballads. Keep an eye out for more info and the new album ''Fallen Angels''.
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