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Twenty seven has become synonymous with the death of musical legends but for Ed Tierney reaching this age has become a period of renaissance in his song writing.

“I’ve spent years playing and writing and always used music as therapy, I suppose you could say my songs are a musical diary. I’ve not formally put anything into the public domain before but now, I feel brave enough to share what I’ve done?

Ed’s self-produced debut offering The Rule Book Vol.1 is due for release in Spring 2007. A collection of songs or “Rules? he tries to live his life by. Uncompromising in his endeavour to push away the stale clichéd stereotype of what the Irish singer/songwriter has become, Ed’s recording and live shows are simply a breath of fresh air.

Since the summer of 2006 Ed has played numerous shows throughout Dublin and his home county of Meath with his close friend and gifted bassist Cathal Gantley. Together they bring a new, fuller sound, missing from the singer/songwriter circuits of both counties.

Ed has also amassed over 20 thousand song plays through his myspace.com webpage, a feat achieved through word of mouth alone. He has just recently been voted “artist of the month? on American radio station Power3201 through an endorsement from Ron Healy’s IrishUnsigned.com and AirplayDirect.com and is about to embark on his first nationwide tour starting early 2007.

Ed Tierney is a purely modern poet of our time, bringing a new generation of song writing in Ireland, but in his own words…

“Now the time for talk is over, now it’s time to listen.?

Please visit Ed Tierney on Myspace at www.myspace.com/edtierney for more info

What others say about Ed Tierney

“We are in the company of a master of the song writing craft. Listeners, you’re in safe hands here? - Myspace.com

“This guy has it together. Great lyrics, Great composure? - Musicreview.com

“Check him out, you won’t be disappointed? - InDublin Magazine
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