Deaf Animal Orchestra. Since January 2005. Based in Waterford Rock | Blues | Folk
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Members: 3
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Joe Harney - Vocals and Guitars; Alan Davy - Bass; Niall Hogan - Drums
ok real quick, everyone from the pixies to badly drawn boy to led zepplin to the doors

contact name:Joe Harney
phone: 0872560398
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the deaf animal orchestra locked themselves away for over a year in a big ol' country house near waterford city to work out exactly what it is they wanted to do. now that they know, theyre ready to set their music upon the world. theyre called an orchestra because of the sheer amount of noise; come see 'em live, you won't believe that only three people are making such dense, layered music. they're making music that makes every inch of you move, you can't just tap your big toe or nod your head politely. of course, everyone says and thinks that about their own shit but they really mean it. the rhythms are primal, visceral, they absolutely cannot be performed standing still. the guitar sound is cutting and sometimes menacing. the bass is incredibly direct, played by someone who had no musical experience or education before joining the band. the drums are played by someone who is never happy with what he does, constantly pushing himself to create bigger, more complex sounds. you are advised to check 'em out.
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