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Everything reminds me of you today
Movie Stars
Happy to Stay

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They called him QC, no one really knew why. We did of course, but to everyone else, he was that kid with the guitar case strapped to his back, always goin' somewhere. That's David McNair for you; he was always going to go somewhere…

Cutting through the swathes of other budding singer-songwriters with a rare pathos and ability to capture the little victories and defeats that punctuate our lives, McNair's music exudes a quiet confidence that sneaks its way into your head. His songs like old friends that slip an arm around your shoulder just when you need it most. Think Dylan, Elliot Smith with a tip of the hat to more left-field influences such as My Bloody Valentine and Jim O'Rourke. From the melancholic yearning of 'Everything reminds me of you today' to the bittersweet pop of 'Movie Stars', McNair's songs are straight from the heart but they'll end up in your head.

David McNair began playing around the clubs and bars of Belfast around 2001, recording that same year, an e.p. produced by fellow Irishman Iain Archer. Clearly smitten, the crowds got bigger, and a loyal following soon developed. Recent years have seen McNair garner a reputation as a producer/engineer. From a small studio in his attic, David has produced many Belfast acts such as Fast Emperors, Element and Six Star Hotel. Those attic stairs are getting pretty worn. A favoured collaborator of fellow Irishmen The Amazing Pilots, David is a regular touring member of the band. September sees him across Europe with the Pilots, in support of Pedro the Lion. Catch him while you can, QC is really going somewhere.
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