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Love Machine Live in Banbridge

Members: 4
Members Names:
Stuart - Lead Vox/Guitar Miles -Lead Guitar Joni - Drums/vox Jamie Bass/Vox
Rock N Roll

contact name:Joni Millar
phone: 07815490511
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In Aug 2005: The greatest musical minds in the world met in a bunker 15 miles under the surface of the earth to write rock the way they saw fit. Many endless nights were spent debating the songs structure and progression. This was due to the various creators differing influences. For instance - the lead guitar came from the school of classic rock, the bass came from the borough of stoner rock, the rhythm/vox came from the county of modern rock and the drummer...... well, he just wanted to keep time.

Weeks, even months went by without any word from the bunker. Fearing for the safety of these great musical minds - a commision was sent to uncover the facts of what happened. Arriving at the bunker, they found a pea and a tin opener.

Dynamo Was Born

Since then the band racked up 41 gigs in they're first 52 weeks (1 year) that total has since exceeded 50, highlights include playing the renknowned Gifted showcase twice at the Empire Music Hall in Belfast, and winning the crowd vote at the JD Set unsigned Battle of the Bands in Belfasts Limelight. The band have also just release a new EP 'II' and continue their prusuit to bring rock to the masses

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