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Dark Going
Sell Out
Bullet Proof

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Royston Kowolski
Electronic harmonics

contact name:Royston Kowolski
phone: 07770891242
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Royston Kowolski has been living in Derry for nerly 10 years but is origionally from Belfast. The music done while under the name of DBFS is all samples and synthesis and is basically just the same track remixed a different way. The concept of DBFS is to create a collection of frequencies, beats and harmonics and alter them in real time and in a live venue with out actually destroying the equipment or the customers ears. This has been done successfully on most occassions. Apart from the DBFS project Royston likes to un wind by playing in his punk Techno Folk fusion band FSNSK and is also hoping that this band might some day do some collaborations with DBFS.
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